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Koskenkorva Viina Koskenkorva Viina  —  simply known as Koskenkorva  —  is a Finnish brand of clear spirit with the alcohol content of 38 % by volume.

Similar to vodka, the smooth and fresh taste of Koskenkorva makes it perfect to be served straight as an aperitif schnaps, or mixed in various drinks and cocktails.

Koskenkorva is named after Koskenkorva distillery, where high-quality ethyl alcohol used in its making is distilled from the finest Finnish barley grain.

Koskenkorva is produced and bottled at the Rajamäki production plant by the Altia Corporation, the leading Finnish wine and spirits house. The Rajamäki plant was established in 1888.

Since 1953, when it was first introduced, Koskenkorva Viina has been Altia's most popular strong alcoholic product in Finland.

Altia's products for export include Koskenkorva Vodka and Finlandia Vodka, with higher alcohol contents, as well as many flavoured Koskenkorva-based vodkas.

In picture below left: the privately owned Koskenkorva Museum, situated next to the Altia production plant in the Koskenkorva locality in the municipality of Ilmajoki.

In picture below right: rapids in river Pukarankoski, close to Altia production plant.

Koskenkorva Museum Pukarankoski river rapids


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