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Lauantaimakkara Lauantaimakkara  —  literally translated as "Saturday sausage"  —  is one of the most popular sausage types consumed in Finland. It is usually eaten thinly sliced on open-faced sandwiches but can also be cooked or fried in thicker slices or chunks.

Lauantaimakkara is a precooked, unsmoked sausage with a very mild flavour, a smooth texture and a pale, pinkish colour. Its main ingredients are pork, beef, pork rind, potato flour and seasonings. The lean meat content varies between 25 and 39 %, depending on the manufacturer. In some brands also turkey or chicken may be added to the sausage mixture.

Seasonings used may include black and white pepper, paprika, onion, mustard powder, coriander, ginger, nutmeg, caraway, cayenne pepper, garlic, etc.

This thick sausage is sold either whole, cut in smaller chunks or readily sliced.


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