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Christmas casserole Savoury pudding-type casseroles made with root vegetables are typical of Finnish Christmas. The vegetables are cooked and pureed, mixed with cream or milk, egg, pinch of flour and seasonings and slowly baked in oven until set.

Following fish and herring dishes, rutabaga casserole, carrot casserole and sweetened potato casserole are served along with Christmas ham and other meat dishes on Christmas dinner.

Christmas dinner table All the above casseroles taste slightly sweet  —  the rutabaga and carrot casseroles by being seasoned with dark molasses, and the potato casserole by letting it stand for hours aside a warm stove, thus starting a process where the potato and flour starch in the mixture will turn naturally sweet. After this the casserole is baked in oven.

Other vegetables, like boiled or roasted potatoes, Brussels sprouts, baby carrots, etc, may be served as an addition. Hot boiled potatoes are most often served with cold or hot fish and herring dishes, like gravlax, smoked salmon and lutefisk.

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