[ The Chipmunk and Squirrel Place ]

Information about squirrels in general, how to trap/get rid of them, how to build nesting boxes and take care of an orphaned squirrel. You can also ask questions by e-mail.

[ Jon's Squirrel Page ]

Links to squirrel sites, squirrel photos and essays about eg. suitable squirrel food etc.

[ Chipmunk photos by Robert Atkins ]

Robert M. Atkins' photographs of the extremely "cute" chipmunks living in his garden cover all the important aspects of chipmunk life from eating to building a nest.

[ The Squirrel Page by Herman Miller ]

Lots of links to squirrel sites, pictures and articles about squirrels and other rodents.

[ Johnny Squirrel's Fairy Tale Page ]

Check out the funny stories "Stages of mouse life" and
"Adventures of the mouse".

[ Andrew's Squirrel Mansion ]

Lots of facts and information about squirrels, links to other squirrel sites, pictures etc.

[ Scary squirrel world ]

A hilarious site for pro and con squirrel enthusiasts with lots of links to sites of those weirdos, namely "skwerlhuggers"...