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LEMON CURD Lemon curd
3 medium eggs or about 7 egg yolks
250 ml sugar
150 ml lemon juice
90 ml unsalted butter

Note: only use freshly squeezed, sieved lemon juice.

Break the eggs in a bowl, whisk them lightly and strain the mixture through a sieve. Add the sugar and the lemon juice and whisk until smooth. Do not beat.

Melt the butter in a saucepan on a very low heat. Preferably use a stainless steel pan. Place the pan with the melted butter inside a bigger saucepan, containing boiling hot water. Make sure that the bottom of the smaller pan is touching the boiling water.

Add the egg mixture to the butter in thin stream, beating continually with a whisk. Continue heating and beating until the mixture has thickened into custard, for about 5 - 7 minutes.

Strain the custard through a clean, fine sieve to remove any possible lumps of coagulated egg. Pour the hot custard in hot jars, sterilized with boiling water. Close the jars with hot, sterilized lids and let cool.

Serve lemon curd spread on toast, as filling in cakes, tarts or tartlets etc.
Makes about 400 - 500 ml lemon curd.

See a recipe for lemon tartlets.

Recipe source: adapted from "Sitruunavoi — Lemon curd", Ihatsu, A. et al., ed. (1993) Otavan suuri keittokirja. Keuruu: Otava.


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