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Pancake pan Pancake pan is designed for simultaneous cooking of several small and thin pancakes or crêpes, especially popular in Finland and Sweden.

The pan has round indentations, into which a thin layer of pancake batter is poured to cook. Depending on the size of the pan, it usually has four to seven rounds in it. The diameter of each round is about seven to eight centimetres.

Outside Scandinavia, this type of pan may be called "silver dollar pancake pan" or "European platte panna" (from its Swedish name plättpanna).

Russian blin pans It should not, however, be confused with the blin pan, which is smaller and designed to cook only one blin (Russian savoury pancake) at a time.

In picture on right: Russian blin pans.

See recipes for traditional Finnish crêpes and Russian blins.


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