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Fazer Blue wrapper Fazerin Sininen, literally translated as "Fazer's Blue", is a popular brand of Finnish milk chocolate, loved by generations of Finnish consumers.

The Finnish confectionery manufacturer Fazer started to produce the chocolate in the year 1922, and it has been a favourite among the Finns ever since. Fazer Blue owes its name to its trademark blue wrapping, the appearance of which has not changed much over the years. This specific hue of blue has even been patented by Fazer, excluding other products from being sold or advertised using the same colour.

Fazer Blue has a taste quite unlike any other milk chocolate, mostly due to the fact that it is made with fresh milk, clearly detectable in its flavour, instead of using dried milk powders, etc. Three glasses of milk is used per one 200-gram bar of Fazer Blue. The cocoa bean variety used in making Fazer Blue is the Ecuadorian Arriba, considered to be one of the world's best.

Fazer Blue milk chocolate During its long production history, Fazer has maintained the high quality of Fazer Blue, establishing it as one of the strongest and most esteemed brands in Finland.

In fact, the chocolate is regarded by many Finns today as an important part of Finnish cultural heritage. Among food products like dark rye bread and salty liquorice, Fazer Blue is likely to be one of the items missed most by many Finns residing abroad.

Although Fazer Blue, like any other brand of milk chocolate, hardly appeals to the taste of true connoisseurs of proper, dark chocolate, it is nevertheless a product superior in taste and quality alike in the range of top milk chocolates, particularly when compared against the (incomprehensibly popular) bulk chocolate brands of the cheapest and lowest quality, produced by companies like Cadbury, Hershey's and Nestlé.


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