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Finn crisps "Finn crisp" is a brand of Finnish crispbreads exported to many European countries, Russia and North America.

"Thin crisps" of the "Finn crisp" brand are a type of thin and crispy rye breads.

The original type of thin crisp  —  called hapankorppu in Finnish (literally translated as "sour rusk")  —  is baked with sourdough made with whole grain rye flour, water, yeast and salt. It was first introduced in 1952, especially for the Helsinki Summer Olympic games.

Picture on left: an exported variety of thin crisp crackers.

Thin crisp rye crackers are perfect eaten as a snack, topped with just butter, or whatever one may like, or served to accompany cheeses along with other breads, biscuits and crackers.

Original Finnish thin crisps Like many other biscuits and crackers, also thin crisps may be grated and used to make crusts and bases for various cakes, like savoury cheese cakes or pickled herring parfaits.

Picture on right: the original type of thin crisp sourdough crackers, found sold in virtually every Finnish grocery store.

Thin crisp crumbs may be mixed into various spreads to give them crunchiness, like chopped gravlax, herring or smoked salmon tartare mixtures, or used to coat fish and other foods before baking or frying.

Original Finnish thin crisps The crisps may also be softened by dipping them briefly in stock or milk, spread with some savoury filling, rolled up like a jelly roll, chilled until hardened and served as cocktail snack.

Picture on left: thin crisps topped with cottage cheese and vegetables.

Besides the original thin crisp made with sourdough of rye, there are also differently flavoured versions available, including multigrain, caraway, coriander, and garlic.

For more information of the above products, see their manufacturer VAASAN Group's Finn Crisp homepage.


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