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Fumet bottles Fumet is a thick and rich, concentrated broth made by boiling down mainly fish or mushroom, but also meat, chicken or vegetable stock. It is used in small amounts to flavour soups, stocks, sauces, stews and other dishes and mixed with water as a base for soups.

In picture: "Touch of Taste"  —  a high-quality brand of commercially made fumets, widely used in Finland and Sweden.

Nowadays commercially made fumets of more or less good quality are widely available, used in both professional and domestic cooking, whenever a good homemade fumet or stock is not available or too laborious and time-consuming to prepare. The best-quality commercial fumets are a better choice for flavouring soups and stocks than eg the various stock cube products that are often too salty and artificial-tasting.

Initially having been used by professional chefs for years, a popular brand of fumets among the Finnish consumers is the "Touch of Taste", offering a broad range of different flavours. "Touch of Taste" was launched in Sweden and Finland in the 1980s by the Unilever company under the brand name "Bong", originally an old Swedish family-owned vegetable canning company "Gustaf Bong AB", bought over and currently owned by Campbell Soup.


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