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Fresh kassler slices Kassler is a name originally used for lightly salted and smoked boneless pork neck or loin. Also pork rib, shoulder and belly parts may be prepared in a similar way.

In picture on left: slices of fresh kassler pork.

However, nowadays in Finland the term "kassler" is used even for fresh, unseasoned and unsmoked pork neck. Sliced or cubed, plain or marinated, it can be grilled or braised in stews and casseroles.

Slice of Finnish smoke-sauna smoked kassler The word kassler, or kasseler, is often said to have been derived from the name of a German butcher called Cassel who ran a meat and sausage business in Berlin in the late 19th century. He supposedly was the first to prepare the kassler style smoked pork.

In picture on right: slice of succulent pork kassler smoked naturally in traditional Finnish smoke sauna.


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