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Marrowbone slices Marrow is the soft and fatty tissue that fills the hollow centre and porous parts of most bones.

There are two types of bone marrow, red and yellow. The red marrow contains stem cells and produces blood cells. It is located mainly in oddly shaped bones, like breastbone, collarbone, pelvic bones, ribs, skull and spine. The yellow marrow is found in the long bones of the arms and legs and consists mainly of fat. Animal bone marrow and marrowbones are used in various dishes as flavour-giving ingredients.

Marrow may be cooked either in the bone or separately. To remove marrow from the bone, the bone is split in two with a meat cleaver and the marrow is gently detached, preferably in one piece. It is sliced or cubed and poached or soaked briefly in hot meat stock or salted water until soft. Poached marrow can be served on canapés or used to give a rich flavour and consistency to various soups and sauces.

Sliced marrowbones (in the picture bove) are used to flavour soups, stocks, stews and potroasts. When cooked, the soft and flavourful marrow may be eaten by scooping it out from the bone with a small spoon.


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