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Rowanberries Rowanberries are small orange-red fruits of the mountain ash tree, a.k.a. rowan tree. They are edible, but very tart in flavour.

The ripe berries of the European mountain ash (Sorbus aucuparia) are picked very late in the autumn, preferably not until they have been frostbitten. Freezing causes the bitter-tart berries to turn sweeter, and more suitable for eating. One may also put berries in a freezer for 12 hours before processing them.

The berries can be used to make purees and juices, or they can be dehydrated and ground into powder to be mixed in porridges or bread doughs. They also make an excellent jelly because of their high amount of pectin. Rowanberries are a good source of vitamin C and carotene.

Several sweet rowanberry cultivars have been produced by crossing European mountain ash with apple, pear, hawthorn or chokeberry. Scientists are also studying the positive health effects of sweet rowanberries.

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