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Finnish brown sauce Basic brown sauces  —  sauces brunes:

  • Espagnole sauce  —  sauce espagnole
    A rich brown sauce, also known just as brown sauce, made by cooking brown stock with vegetable mirepoix and tomato puree and thickening it with a brown roux. It is the classic base for numerous brown sauce variations.
  • Demi-glace
    A rich brown sauce made by cooking espagnole sauce with added white or brown stock and Madeira or sherry.
  • Jus lié
    A rich, brown stock obtained by reducing and slightly thickening the natural juices exuded from meat during roasting.

See recipes for basic, tomato-flavoured or cream-enriched Finnish brown sauces.

Variations of brown sauces:
  • Bigarade sauce
    A brown sauce flavoured with bitter orange juice and peel. The sauce is served with duck.
  • Bordelaise sauce
    Demi-glace cooked with red wine, shallot and spices and mixed with diced bone marrow.
  • Breton sauce
    Espagnole sauce flavoured with onion, white wine, butter, garlic and parsley.
  • Chasseur sauce
    Espagnole sauce cooked and mixed with shallot, mushrooms, white wine, tomato puree and parsley. The sauce is usually served with game. It may also be made with stock instead of espagnole sauce.
  • Devilled sauce
    Demi-glace flavoured with reduced white wine and vinegar, cayenne pepper and herbs.
    • Piquante sauce
      Devilled sauce mixed with chopped gherkins and herbs.
  • Duxelles sauce
    Demi-glace cooked with mushroom duxelles, white wine or stock and tomato fondue.
  • Italienne sauce
    Espagnole sauce flavoured with mushrooms, onion/shallots, lean ham, white wine, tomato puree and parsley. Stock may be used instead of espagnole sauce in the preparation of the sauce.
  • Lyonnaise sauce
    Demi-glace mixed with chopped onions cooked with vinegar and white wine. The sauce may be flavoured with tomato puree.
  • Madeira sauce
    Espagnole sauce flavoured with Madeira.
    • Périgueux sauce
      Madeira sauce flavoured with truffles.
  • Périgourdine sauce
    Demi-glace or espagnole sauce flavoured with foie gras puree and truffles.
  • Poivrade sauce
    Espagnole sauce flavoured with pepper, ham, herbs and vegetables.
    • Moscovite sauce
      Poivrade sauce flavoured with sultanas, pine kernels and juniper berries.
  • Venison sauce
    Espagnole sauce mixed and boiled with a reduced mixture of Burgundy wine, vinegar, sugar, lemon and redcurrant jelly.

Note: ingredients used in cooking or flavouring basic sauces may vary a great deal depending on the recipe.


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