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'Wäinämöisen palttoonnapit' rye buttons Wäinämöisen palttoonnapit (or Väinämöisen palttoonnapit) are small and round, crispy rye bread buttons, measuring about 5 centimetres in diameter.

Their Finnish brand name is literally translated as "Coat buttons of Väinämöinen", who is a mythical sage with magical powers, the main character in the Finnish national epic Kalevala.

Rye button canapés The bread buttons are made with rye flour, water and yeast, seasoned with salt and caraway and dried in the oven until crisp. They have a delicate, dark rye bread flavour with a hint of caraway.

The buttons may be eaten plain, just spread with butter, cream cheese, etc, but they also make a suitable basis for various snacks and cocktail bites. Spread and topped with a multitude of different ingredients, the buttons may be used instead of canapés or filled croustades and croûtes.

Outside Finland, Väinämöisen palttoonnapit may be purchased eg through the Suomikauppa web store.

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