Technics sx-KN5000 Frequently Asked Questions

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Q1 Can I use my KN3000 Hard Disk with the KN5000?
A1 No
Q2 How can I transfer the contents of KN3000 HD to KN5000 HD?
A2 Use HARD DISK LOAD for all files and save them back to diskettes, one by one, be patient, this may take some time
Q3 Is there a working aftertouch in KN5000?
A3 Yes, with sensitivity and parametric curve adjustments
Q4 Can I use the the computor's serial port to connect the KN5000 to PC or do I need still a PC-MIDI interface, like a sound card?
A4 You don't need MIDI cables or MIDI Interface card to PC, use so called host cable for PC and the driver what can be found elsewhere on these pages
Q5 What is a street price for HD-AE5000 professional extension?
A5 Not yet available
Q6 What is the meaning of the 4 foot control bars?
A6 They functions like the two foot-switches and are assignable to various purposes
Q7 How does the Music Stylist work?
A7 You select one of 1000 predefined styles, like with KN3000 Music Style Select
Q8 In what level is the compatibility to Technics products in detail?
A8 With Style Convert you can use even old KN1000 patterns but you can't save your KN5000 files to previous formats
Q9 Can I use the KN5000 arpeggions with GM MIDI?
A9 Yes
Q10 Do I have to do manual instrument conversions to make GM files?
A10 No
Q11 Are all setups saved in permanent memory?
A11 Not all setups are stored in permanent memory. Only custom accompaniments, user midi settings and any user background wallpaper are stored permanently.
Most other settings (panel memories etc.) are held for approximately one week if the machine is turned off. The only exceptions to this are the sequencer and composer (temporary accompaniment store) contents, which are held for only about 80 minutes after power off. The machine reminds you to store any settings in these to disk after you have finished using them.

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