Technics sx-KN5000

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New Features

320X240 full colour display
290 PCM sounds + 16 drum kits
newly sampled sounds, like stereo sampled Grand Piano (Steinway?)
Accordion Register with 'real' tabs
Digital Drawbar with 2 types of organ: jazz and rock organ
Speaker system: 2X18 Watt + 1X30 Watt subwoofer
200 Rhythms x 4 variations: Total 800 rhythm patterns
20 rhythm custom memory, permanent
Style Convert: Used to convert older Technics formats and other formats.
Music Stylist: 1000 styles in total
Panel memory: 80 memory settings - writable.
Accoustic Illusion effect: a new "spacial sound effect"
Equalizer + new reverb types: Customized settings with lots of presets
Entertainer Function: Microphone jack with separate Hall, Fade in/out
and octave shift functions, Vocalist controls
MIDI presets for 3 users, 4 foot control bars and 2 separate foot controls.
Software Compatible with the KN2000 and KN3000
Standard MIDI File Direct Play with Lyrics, minus one and mixer access
MIDI-out switchable, style convert
Computer Link: Serial connector to PC or MAC
Optional 1GB Hard Drive
...and much more

Additional information/September 15.1997

* The KN5000's Operating System will reside in FLASH ROM
* so any bug fixes, upgrades, etc., can be incorporated
* using a floppy disk. That means no more trips to
* the Service Center for EPROM chip repacement.

** There is an optional HD-AE5000 (professional extension) for the KN5000.
** HD-AE5000 is the hard disk, audio and parallel port extension, offering
** 1920 songs, 120 file load scripts for 32 songs each incl. auto start and
** auto load options, separate outputs for bass and drums and the parallel
** port (EPP) for the very important data backup.

*** Note - the PC software HD-Tech Manager for HD-AE5000 works only
*** with old windows 95 , with later windows versions it is not working
*** even in emulated environment