13 Yamaha Players

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ALBUQUERQUE, Francisco,  Jr,  (Chico), KB9000Pro, Brasil, Professsional musician,  webpage: www.hpg.compumusic.com.br, compumusic@bol.com.br
ASCHENBRUCK, Volker, Yamaha PSR 9000 soon Tyros, Porta Westfalica, Germany-north, Vaschenbru@aol.com
BONES, Thomas, Yamaha 9000Pro, Bergen, Norway, websites: http://www.it-kompetanse.com/ http://home.c2i.net/thomasweb/ thomas.boenes@c2i.net
FORREST, Bill, PSR9000, San Jose, California, internet nickname "bebop", http://www.anycities.com/bebop/bforrest@ix.netcom.com
GOOSSENS/JANSEN, Thomas, Yamaha dx7II, Munttorenstraat 117, 5037 az tilburg, Holland,
GRIGLOCK,  Tom, Yamaha PSR2000, Roland VA-7 and Korg pa80 , Half Moon Bay, California, TomTomSF@aol.com
LACHAPELLE, Greg, COVENTRY,CT.,USA, PSR8000,PSR9000,TYROS, gregskeys@aol.com
MASON, Don, PSR2000, PSR8000, Benton, Louisiana, professional entertainer, websites: http://donrmason.tripod.com/DonMasonMusic/ , http://donnymason.tripod.com/hayridesunshineshow/index.html, dmason43@bellsouth.net
NOEL, Jay, PSR2000, Yamaha S03 Synth, Yamaha SY35 Synth, Southsea, Hampshire, United Kingdom, Professional Keyboardist, shijukg@hotmail.com
RAMIK, Robert, PSR9000 Pro, Trinec, Czech Republic, robertramik@hotmail.com
SHAW, George, PSR2000,  Calgary, Alberta, Canada, shawg@cadvision.com
SHOEMAKER, Eddie. PSR740, PSR2000, PSR9000, PSR5700, Stuart, Florida. Musician, vocalist, entertainer. Website: http://partyoftwo.eboard.com  Email: btweengigs@aol.com
YEE,  Scott, Yamaha Tyros, PSR2000, Berkeley, California (San Francisco Bay area), scott@scottyee .com  http://scottyee.com