Terve! My e-mail address is "".
I didn't know there was another "Dick Wilder" in the world (isn't one scary
enough?!). (I first found an other Dick Wilder, when I tried to reach him through email)

By the way, I'll be in Helsinki next week 98.08.26 through about 98.09.09,
to see Jan Kämpe and also Lauri Mikkola at Genera OY (any relation?).
He is not a relative. Although my brother has a 10 years old son Lauri Mikola,
and although my grandfather was Juho Mikkola (but because his home farm had name Mikola, his children changed the surname back to Mikola)

Did you know that Rouhiainen is moving to Houston Texas?
No, that is new thing, although I knew, that Hannu has a new job and a home page, which however still today (98-08-20) tells, that he still lives in New Berlin.

Best regards,