Pertti Lehikoinen

I was born on 19.3.1952 in Helsinki. In this city, the capital of Finland, I also went to my schools. In my dear home city I learned all those skills and knowledges what I have needed during my life.
I am a system analyst by profession. In November 2004 I retired from my job in order to concentrate better on the World Correspondence Chess Championship. Now 4 years later I am gradually coming back to labour market again.
I have one daughter Saana by name (born 1987) and a grandson Taneli or "Tansku" (born 2008).

My hobbies



Political history

From the beginning of the nineteen sixties up to these days my greatest hobby has been chess. Nearest my heart was correspondence chess. As a matter of fact chess was not any more my hobby, it was much more, it was my second work. More about chess at my chess homepage . If you are interested in my achievements and merits in chess you can click here.

Nowadays I am too old and lazy to run after the ball, but I am eager to watch football.

Golf is for me only a pleasant way to relax in the open air: So I don't take it very seriously. My hcp is so weak that it is not worth of mentioning. My golf club is Kurk Golf.

During the last 3 years of the recently gone millennium one of my greatest hobby has been Hasanaginica, an old Bosnian oral ballad. With my good friend Asim Kapic, we have translated that ballad from Bosnian into Finnish. Translating was not very easy task, because the metre of that ballad is decasyllabic (every sentence consists of 10 syllables) and many words in Finnish language are longer than in most of other languages.

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Pertti Lehikoinen on the hill of Koli in Northern Karelia on 19.4.2003