1) James Pusak: Dasher
Around since the mid-eighties. Still
a good value for a disk-based authoring system
which will work on older computers with no internet access.
2) Paul Widergren: Wortleiter usw., Autogrammatik, Meine kleine
Available as freeware from above link. DOS-based software from the
early ninties.
3) Hot Potatoes
Create your own web exercises with this free
download. Requires the use of a Browser, but
does require a connection to the internet.
4) Quia
Similar to Hot Potatoes, but entirely on-line.
Teachers can create their own assignment pages. In addition, exercises
correlating to the major textbook series have started to appear.
5) Robert Shea's Collection of Java Script Links
Neat stuff for the web-designer or programmer.
6) MaxAuthor Free authoring Software
7) Mad-Lib Generator
8) Hyde Flippo's List of German software
9) Robert Shea's Collection of CALL links
10) Eva Easton's Collection of Quiz generators