Suomen Afgaanit - Finlands Afghaner ry - The Afghan Hound Club of Finland


Afghan Hounds in Finland


The breeding of Afghans started in Finland in the late 1940's and our present dogs are based on dogs imported to Finland in the late 50's. We have never had an excess number of Afghans in our country, the registrations have been around 100 per year during the last few decades.

In Finland the Scandinavian type of Afghan is the most predominant, but there are also dogs of somewhat different type: a clear American influence can be seen and there are also dogs which represent more the Continental or Australian type.

Afghans are very popular show dogs in our country and we have about 40 all-breed shows annually, 11 of which are international shows. In addition to that we have about 6 specialty shows for Sighthounds and the National Specialty for Afghans which is arranged by the Afghan Hound Club of Finland. This show is by far the biggest Afghan event of the year having entries from 140 to 180 dogs. This is a very big number considering the number of registrations. The judges for the National Specialty are always foreign breed specialists. At many all-breed shows Afghans have the biggest entries compared to other breeds. At international shows the entries usually vary from 50 to 100.

To become a show Champion in Finland the dog must acquire three Certificates from three different judges and the third CAC cannot be obtained before the age of two years. The CAC is given to the best non-Champion if the judge qualifies it to the competition for CAC. For the International Champion title the dog needs four CACIBs from three different countries. We usually have about 20 National and a few International Champions each year.

Our Afghans are also functional dogs, some of which participate in racing and lure coursing. We don't, however, have different types for show and racing dogs and especially coursing is very popular among show dogs. In 1996 we got the first "triple" champions in Finland, when two dogs became show champions as well as racing and coursing champions. Our motto in Finland has always been to produce beautiful functional Afghans.

The Afghan Hound Club of Finland

The Afghan Hound Club of Finland was founded in 1966 and in 1973 it became the official breed organization for Afghans, the duty of which is to promote and supervise the breeding of Afghans in Finland so that the level of the breed would be as high as possible.

The Club has more than 500 members from 14 different countries. In addition to European countries, we have members from the USA, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Israel and Russia. Our Club publishes an Afghan magazine which comes out four times a year and a book every fifth year containing articles, statistics and pictures of dogs. New members are always welcome, if you want to subscribe to the magazine, you can become a member by contacting our secretary and paying the membership fee, which is EUR 25 + EUR 10 = EUR 35 (p&p) at the moment.