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Afgaani197.jpg (6233 bytes) "Afgaani-Afghanen" is the newsletter for the SA-FA members. It is published four times a year and there are about 130 pages per issue. Together with all the kennel and owners' advertisements, there are also many different articles and series, e.g. the genetics of colour inheriting written by Annika Kutilainen. Interviews with old-timers and experts have also been another popular issue. In the 1/97 issue there was an interview with Juliette de Baïracli-Levy done by Annika Kutilainen.

The magazine is published in Finnish, but a great part of the advertisements is in English.

Terja Koivumäki is the editor of "Afgaani-Afghanen".


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Juliette de Baïracli-Levy in December 1996 during a visit to the Darumas kennel in Switzerland. The dog is Nuh Belae Turkuman Henna, called "Julie" after Mrs Baïracli-Levy.
Photo: Iren Rohrer
Afgaani-Afghanen 1/97
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In Afgaani-Afghanen 4/97 Birgitha Runmarker gave an interview on Tazi Blue Devil, an import from the USA in the seventies. Devil became an important stud dog and his lines were incorporated by several Scandinavian breeders, and he sired 24 litters.
A series throughout the years has been the breeder interview in the Nordic countries, e.g. the El Khyria interview published in the Afghan Hound Review was originally published in Afgaani-Afghanen.

There have been articles on prominent stud dogs and brood bitches, that now appear in many of the contemporary pedigrees.

In every issue there are information about planned and born litters, test results from eye and hip examination, coursing information, show results, input from the readers and the junior handlers have their own page.

There are also all kind of reports from different events, e.g. the international Afghan Hound World Congresses in 1992, 1994 and 1997.

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The Afghan Hound World Congress 1997 was held in Denmark. On the discussion panel Espen Engh from Norway, Birgitha Runmarker from Sweden and Paul Lepiane from the USA.
Photo: Maria Sundström
Afgaani-Afghanen 3/97

VuosikirjaB.jpg (6855 bytes) SA-FA has published five yearbooks; the first in 1980, that contains the time through 1980 and the next four embrace each the next five year periods.

The breed standard, all kind of articles, the new champions of the five year period, statistics, all registrations, exports and imports and the biggest part consists of advertisements, both breeders' and owners', with a lot of pictures and pedigrees.

There are 376 pages in the latest yearbook (1996-2000), published in 2001.

All the yearbooks are in Finnish with a short resumé in English.

For prices of ads in the magazine, see "Club Magazine".



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